[ISDC2006] Ad Hoc Training

Craig E. Ward cewcew at mac.com
Mon Nov 21 22:00:48 EST 2005

Some past conferences have included training sessions. They don't 
seem to be popular and this is unfortunate.

Rather than a full "activist training track," perhaps we should 
consider some more targeted sessions.

One of my pet peeves with the extended NSS (chapters, regional 
groups, as well as NSS itself) is that so many meetings happen and so 
little gets done at them. (The recent ISDC teleconferences have been 
a cut above so this is not a comment George's meeting skills.)
Could we have a session that focused on that?


The link above is to one site for the training video "Meetings, 
Bloody Meetings." with John Cleese and others. A former employer used 
the video for new employee orientation so I  have seen the video and 
feel that it is worthwhile. The reputation of Cleese might entice 
more people to attend a training session.

This particular page lists the VHS rental as $250/5 days. I don't 
know if that is the best price or if this vendor is the only one 
licensed to distribute the video in the US. I think it worthwhile at 
that price.


cewcew at mac.com
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