[ISDC2006] Tours of James Webb Space Telescope

Craig E. Ward cewcew at mac.com
Mon Nov 21 21:49:13 EST 2005

The local Sunday paper did a story on James Webb Space Telescope. 
(The article is currently online, but I don't know for how long: 

The article explicit mentions that Northrop Grumman Space Technology 
(formerly TRW) will be using a full scale mockup in their high bay 
and that they plan to let locals see it. The person quoted is "Sally 

Someone with contacts into Northrop Grumman (contacts I do not have) 
might be able to arrange some sort of tour for ISDC. The NGST 
facility is just south of LAX.


p.s. Muhammed El-Hasan  writes a lot of the technology articles for 
The Daily Breeze and has actually attended at least one OASIS event. 
Might be a good person to add to any LA-specific PR list.
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