[ISDC2006] ISDC planning, Sunday Nov 20 telecon

Robin Snelson robin.snelson at gmail.com
Sun Nov 20 16:09:38 EST 2005


Pat Montoure
Joe Rauscher
Seth Potter
Jeremy Pyle
Lisa Kaplan
Karen Lau
Stan Rosen
Bruce Betts
Craig Ward
Joe Redfield
Larry Evans
Dave Snead
Brent Silcox
Micheal Mealling
Mark Hopkins
Josh Powers
Ramona Montaigne
Sheree Rabidoux
Robin Snelson

Jeremy, to agenda:

Bruce Betts, update on Planetary

about 300 in attendance, lots of aerospace, lots of enthusiasts,
Thomas O Paine award to Ray Bradbury, for advancing human exploration,
1st Cosmos award to James Cameron
telescopes outside
New planetary society website unveiled, very proud of it

Jeremy, new Ad Astra has conference ad, basically just a save the date

Web site registration working,
web site still evolving

number of advertisements in Space News, one coming out on the 28th

our 2 stellar graphic designers Stephen and Karen worked on this,  
number of Space News ads reserved for next few months

paper submission database:
Kent and George are working on that, it's almost there
in good shape with that

Seth:  question, call for papers in Ad Astra?  Jeremy says yes, full  
page in Ad Astra

Future schedule for PR, broader than traditional definition of PR,
we're going to have a conf call tomorrow afternoon, discuss brand  
identity for the conference, to work on set tone for everything  
moving forward, represent both organizations
also working on number of things on PR front, such as talking to long- 
lead publications, story ideas to get the word out about the conference,
talking with a number of media outlets to see if they can partner  
with us

Joe Rauscher:
re Robin's comments, if we have follow-ups, should we just send to  
the list?

Jeremy:  Yes, but if specifically media and PR related, send to  
Jeremy and PR committtee

Partner organizations:

Seth on Sunsat council, also on the Aerospace Technology Working  
Group, in telecon announced ISDC, suggested thinking about  
participating as group or individuals.  Discuss with Ken whether want  
to be partner organization?  Mark suggests go ahead.  Jeremy says get  
high-res of graphic

Traveling space museum?  Larry Evans: Founded by OCSS member Ivor  
Dawson, hands-on interactive exhibit

Responsibility Area appointments:

Pat:  concerned that certain areas of responsibility not tagged with  
people's names

Sponsors and exhibitors, Stan Rosen suggested, has discussed with  
Mark, will

Jeremy suggests co-chairs, but Pat says you do need one individual to  
make sure everyone gets things done

Dennis Whipple suggested to take on AV stuff,  Mark says he's agree  
to do that

Hotel liason, Sheree realized she may be in Turkey at the time, that  
one is still open  Pat says she can do that if nobody else does,  
experience helps, Pat has done it twice

Another thing need, track managers.  Mark has some ideas for those.    
Need to get those down and pass on to guy doing call for papers.
One is Lee Valentine, SSI, issuing his own call for papers.
Mark will email to Pat.

which tracks need managers right now?  hard to say, tracks not set

Pat did programming manager job 2003, Seth one, Bruce McKenzie,  
people came to me and said I have this interest, I want to run a  
track on it.

Seth:  2 conferences where I chaired tracks, what made it work for  
me, was that programming chair worked very well with scheduling  
coordinating (Pat did both) so one person, coordinated very well

Bruce Betts programming, would like to do one Planetary Society  
track, larger space since not multiple tracks, coordinate on plenary  
and keynote speakers, just need to make sure general logistics and  
plenary are coordinated.

Planetary would like one large room every day of the conference,  
every day to do presentations.  Will not take submitted talks, will  
do invited talks going toward one larger area

at banquets at DC conference, need a prime authority for who gets  
into the door at banquets
Pat designated as general manager
Bruce Betts will serve that function for Planetary

for programming suggestions or to volunteer track manager, email to  
Pat or George at NSS

Gary Barnhard: Q -- tracks?  Pat:  not together yet.  Jeremy working  
on spreadsheet, will send to anyone interested,

Jeremy programming:  George email about keynote speakers, attachment  
was left off

Bruce will work on getting JPL people.

Invitation letter, Planetary signer?  Neil Tyson.  Bruce thinks yes,  
will confirm.

Contact info for keynoters:  If you have contact info, send to George  
and Pat.

track chairs -- discussed

job fair -- Seth Potter's boss at Boeing suggested job fair, Joe  
Rauscher independently came up with idea

Pat, will make inquiries at Loral

Joe, could be done as one-day thing, also think we might include  
internships, we're having discussions with NASA to set up internship  
program with several other organizations, speakers from NASA office  
of education.  Could be a great opportunity to get young people jobs  
or internships.  Is the first of May too late for companies looking  
for summer interns?  Possible
Question, NASA internships to work for NASA?  No, find a way for all  
applicants for NASA internships who don't get accepted, find a way to  
take those unselected and get them in other organizations.

Gary Barnhard, other piece of puzzle through NASA ofc of ed NASA grad  
students research program.

Michael Mealling, speaking as someone who would hire someone at a job  
fair, more interested in business experience

Jeremy, suggest that we add colleges and universities recruiting  

What about jobs for people who've been RIFed lately.

Pat:  Educational committee for NSS to follow up college recruitment  

Jeremy:  to Mark, tap Marianne Dyson for education expertise

Robin:  re space art, traditional space art agitator, almost  
volunteered to chair a track

Pat : amateur artist put on show, nothing over 500
Novagraphics would come but wanted to make money
Robin, wants to feature artists talking about and showing work, likes  
good space artists, like Don Davis, Adolf Schaller, Bob McCall

Mark, have contacts with Bob McCall

Jeremy, space for exhibit
talk about charging for exhibit ??  will discuss

Sponsors and exhibitors, we're trying to talk Stan Rosen into that,  
along with Seth Potter, Stan hasn't agreed quite yet.

other business:
Michael Mealling, anybody about business?
Robin, suggest contacting Caltech Venture Forum, one of partner  

Next meeting Nov 4 at Sheraton Gateway

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