[ISDC2006] re space art

Robin Snelson robin.snelson at gmail.com
Sun Nov 20 15:53:23 EST 2005

Just want to put in my 2 cents about paying attention to traditional  
space art.

Fred Ordway, one of the world's foremost authorities on the subject,  
is on the NSS Board of Governors.   He would be a good person to  
consult about space art on the program, possible exhibition.

Planetary Society has a successful tradition of art contests to  
increase awareness of planetary missions, and two well-known space  
artists on its board of advisors:  Charles Kohlhase and Jon Lomberg.

Also, to recommend a couple of friends who are world-class space  
artists, both who won Emmys for their work on the original "Cosmos"  
series, and both who've made science-based space art their life's  
work:  Don David and Adolf Schaller.   Adolf is doing a mural for the  
new Griffith Observatory, and Don was recently invited to join JPL's  
imaging team for Mars orbiter, after doing ad-hoc work on glitched  
images.   Both are absolutely fascinating when showing and talking  
about their art and the science that informs it.

About International Association of Astronomical Artists, Don is a  
founding member, although it seems the organization hasn't been  
active in recent years.  But there's another kind of space art that  
you could think of as astronautical art, science-based visualizations  
of us out there.  Don did some of the greatest work in that category  
with his space colony and space industrialization paintings and  
drawings for NASA Ames studies and O'Neill's High Frontier.

(years and years ago, when you guys were in short pants, I wrote a  
regular feature at Future magazine about space artists, and edited a  
couple of books on the subject, in case you wonder why I'm so  
obsessed with this topic)

Robert McCall is fantastic, and a new museum just opened in Arizona  
dedicated to his work.   Maybe a traveling show could be arranged?

There ya go, that's my 2 cents.  If interested in any of these ideas,  
I'll be happy to help.

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