[ISDC2006] CORRECTED & ADDED NAMES/POSITIONS for Keynoters/Speakers - ISDC2006

Michael Mealling mmealling at masten-space.com
Wed Nov 9 21:02:09 EST 2005

Hi guys,
    I was just added to the list so forgive my ignorance: Can I suggest 
some additional speakers in the business side of things? One of my 
personal goals from the last ISDC was to help strengthen the business 
tracks at the various space conferences. Here are a few off the top of 
my head:

Clayton Christensen - Harvard Business School
Tom Peters - Author and management consultant
Ben Stein - Comedian, investor, actor, business consultant
Tom Kelly - Partner at Ideo and author of "The Art of Innovation"
Michael Porter - Harvard Business School
Guy Kawasaki - Entrepreneur and author of "Art of the Start"
Steve Jurvetston - Partner at Draper Fisher Jurvetson

Most of these guys are expensive but you get the idea. There are also 
some who have alternates. Christensen and Porter for example have other 
professors who are part of the same research teams at Harvard and aren't 
as expensive. Some you might get simply because they're interested in 
the topic. Possibly Steve since he spoke at Accelerating Change 2005 and 
has been flying rockets in the Black Rock desert lately. Anyway, its 
just a suggestion....


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