[ISDC2006] ISDC 2006 documents resend

George T. Whitesides gtwhitesides at yahoo.com
Sun Nov 6 17:02:03 EST 2005

Greetings all,

Some people did not get the attachments for the
conference call tonight, so I am resending with this

Agenda to come shortly.


Information on our call this Sunday night
at 7:00pm Pacific / 10:00pm Eastern.  

1 - Dial the toll-free number: 888-387-8686
2 - Enter the Room number: 6863339 and press #
3 - You will be placed directly into the meeting if
the moderator has already joined. 
If the moderator hasn't joined, you will be placed on
hold for up to 10 minutes.
(For international users, dial 001-303-928-3281)

*6 Mutes the individuals line 
*7 Unmutes the individuals line 

Agenda will go out before the meeting, please check
your email.

George T. Whitesides
Executive Director
National Space Society

1620 I St. NW, Suite 615
Washington, DC  20006
T:  202 429 1600
F:  202 463 8497
M:  626 833 5869

george at nss.org
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