[ISDC2006] Another Idea for ISDC - NASA Announces Telerobotic Construction Competition

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I can bring some walking androids and some other goodies.

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Quoting Spaceman Sam <sam.coniglio at gmail.com>:

> Phil:
> It would be good to have a robotics presence at the conference.  In
> fact, for the space tourism session, we will have a representative
> from the robotics community talk about the future of robotics and how
> bots could make life in space safer and easier.
> Living in space is a challenge.  We should have a strong
> representation of what robotics are like in the commercial world
> (RoboSapiens, iRobot, Sony Aibo, Honda Asimo) along with hobbyists
> (Battlebots) and NASA (Robonaut, Personal Satellite Assistant) and get
> these folks to interact with private and government space groups.
> Sam
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> On 12/13/05, pcojanis <pcojanis at ureach.com> wrote:
>> Hello Everyone,
>> I have included an Article for the NASA Telerobotic Construction
>> Competition.(See below)  Why I think this is relevant is because
>> Ivor is working with another group doing Robotic competitions,
>> and I know that we could somehow establish a link with the two
>> and have at something at ISDC.
>> The Idea is to get NASA and the Spaceward Foundation to have
>> some type of formal event at our conference regarding the
>> Competition and to maybe also get Ivor's group to participate.
>> Not in an actual robotic competion event at the conference (too
>> ambitious and to little time), but have some level of a
>> presentation from NASA about the program, maybe an exhibit and
>> demonstration, or even a workshop if they are interested.
>> Does everyone think this is something worth following up?
>> How do you think we should proceed with this?
>> Ivor is this something you can take a deeper look into and it
>> could be beneficial to your other robotic project work?
>> Philip Cojanis
>> (310) 699-7906
>> pcojanis at ureach.com
>> Article Start
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>> WASHINGTON--- NASA Announces Telerobotic Construction
>> Competition
>> 12/2/2005 @ 9:07 AM   print this article - email to a friend -
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>> NASA's Centennial Challenges program office, in collaboration
>> with the Spaceward Foundation, Mountain View, Calif., announced
>> the new Telerobotic Construction Challenge. The competition
>> awards $250,000 to teams to develop technologies enabling robots
>> to perform complex tasks with minimal human intervention.
>>    "The Telerobotic Challenge may directly affect how
>> exploration is conducted on the moon," said NASA's Associate
>> Administrator for the Exploration Systems Mission Directorate,
>> Scott Horowitz. "If the Challenge can successfully demonstrate
>> the remote assembly of simple and complex structures, many
>> aspects of exploration in general will be affected for the
>> better."
>>    This Challenge will be conducted in an arena containing
>> scattered structural building blocks. The task is to assemble
>> the structure using multiple robotic agents remotely controlled
>> by humans. The operators may only see and talk to the robots
>> through communications' equipment that simulates Earth-moon time
>> delays and restrictions. The robots must be smart enough to work
>> together with only intermittent human direction to be
>> successful.
>>    "The Telerobotic Construction Challenge is directly linked to
>> NASA's focus on lunar exploration," said Brant Sponberg, NASA's
>> Centennial Challenges program manager. "Spaceward has shown
>> their capability to conduct a successful prize competition, and
>> we look to them to help advance this new technology."
>>    NASA's Centennial Challenges promotes technical innovation
>> through a novel program of prize competitions. It is designed to
>> tap the nation's ingenuity to make revolutionary advances to
>> support the Vision for Space Exploration and agency goals. The
>> Exploration Systems Mission Directorate manages the program.
>>    "Spaceward is pleased to expand on our prior collaboration
>> with NASA to conduct this competition," said Spaceward
>> President, Metzada Shelef. "Because of the high degree of
>> student interest in robotics, it is a great fit with our mission
>> to advance space science and technology in educational
>> curriculums."
>>    The competition takes place over two years, the first in
>> August 2007. Competition rules will be finalized in early 2006.
>> For information about Centennial Challenges on the Web, visit:
>>    centennialchallenges.nasa.gov/
>>    For information about NASA and agency programs on the Web,
>> visit:
>>    www.nasa.gov/home
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