[ISDC2006] ISDC 2006 _ First Round of Identity

Jennifer Vaughn jennifer.vaughn at planetary.org
Fri Dec 16 20:14:09 EST 2005

Hi Karen.

Thanks for the variety of looks and the care you took in preparing 
them. You do very nice work. Could you (or Jeremy, or someone else on 
this list) please give me some examples of where/how this logo might 
be used. It's hard to properly evaluate them if I'm not sure where 
people will come across it.

Of the examples you sent, I prefer the first page, far right (spacey 
sky). I tested the logos in b&w and still prefer this one over all 
others. I have just a few concerns:

1. I feel the spotlights draw a lot of attention, yet they're a 
little nebulous in small scale. I found myself drawn-in to the logo 
just to see what the big "V" was on the right rather than focusing on 
the brand itself.

2. While I enjoy the blocky font, I'm concerned this one actually 
loses readability, especially the "D"s and "P"s. Since we're not a 
well-recognized brand, I think it's really important to be able to 
read our message clearly. I'm also concerned about the small text 
imbedded in the image, since it's not clear to me how small this logo 
will be used (a problem we have with our own TPS logo).

3. Lastly, since the word "space" appears only in smaller font, I 
feel it's even more important to say "space" in the overall look. 
This is why I like the far right option, with the planet, moon, 
rocket, and dreamier looking sky.

Let me know if you want to talk more about these. -jenn

>Hi Karen:
>Good stuff!
>I tend to agree with Seth.  The first logo on the first page is clean
>and conveys the event location an our vision.  Also, we have to
>consider what this will look in black and white and on faxes.  If a
>logo has too much detail, it gets smudged .
>Could you take the font from the "Exploring New Worlds" on the third
>item on the third page and apply it to "Exploring New Worlds" on the
>first item on the first page? That way  it humanizes the text a bit.
>On 12/14/05, karen <karen at yurisnight.net> wrote:
>>  Hi team:
>>  Sorry for this being late.
>>  Here are first round identity ideas.
>>  Thoughts, comments?
>>  Thanks,
>>  Karen
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