[ISDC2006] ISDC 2006 _ First Round of Identity

Pat Montoure montoure.pat at ssd.loral.com
Wed Dec 14 13:49:52 EST 2005

I  second the Coo...ool!  Very nice work.  I liked the 3rd one on the 
first sheet (on the right), looks more space oriented (my first choice), 
and I am with Seth on sh 3 the third one (on the right). Is there a way 
to bring out the text on the bottom of the ones on sheet 1? 

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Potter, Seth D wrote:

> Karen,
> Coo...ool!  My first preference would be for the first (leftmost) one 
> on the first page -- brighter and more "optimistic"-looking than the 
> other two on that page.  Also, that image evokes a real night sky 
> sometimes seen in Los Angeles -- silhouetted palm trees, spotlights, 
> and an actual rocket streaking skyward (courtesy of Vandenberg Air 
> Force Base).  The third page ones look great, too, though it took me a 
> few moments to notice that the rocket is also a surfboard.  Of those, 
> the right-most one looks best, because the surfer/rocket is higher up 
> (and that is the direction we want to go).  The color of the ISDC 
> logotype is bolder, the font leaner, and the "25th" says this is an 
> ongoing series of events, not one-time only; yet we are at a major 
> milestone.  Better than not having "25th"; also better than the left 
> one, in which the "25th"  is partly obscuring the ISDC.  I like the 
> idea of evoking California.  Second page examples don't do this as 
> much -- the figure looks like the robot Gort from a great Hollywood 
> classic, but I'm not sure many people would recognize that; also, 
> logotype is less easy to see.  Well, I've been a bit long-winded and 
> since I'm not a graphic designer, please feel free to accept or reject 
> my comments as you see fit.  Perhaps add "25th" to the leftmost one on 
> the first page.  Nice work!
> -Seth Potter
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> Hi team:
> Sorry for this being late.
> Here are first round identity ideas.
> Thoughts, comments?
> Thanks,
> Karen
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