[ISDC2006] ISDC 2006 _ First Round of Identity

Potter, Seth D seth.d.potter at boeing.com
Wed Dec 14 13:24:30 EST 2005

Coo...ool!  My first preference would be for the first (leftmost) one on
the first page -- brighter and more "optimistic"-looking than the other
two on that page.  Also, that image evokes a real night sky sometimes
seen in Los Angeles -- silhouetted palm trees, spotlights, and an actual
rocket streaking skyward (courtesy of Vandenberg Air Force Base).  The
third page ones look great, too, though it took me a few moments to
notice that the rocket is also a surfboard.  Of those, the right-most
one looks best, because the surfer/rocket is higher up (and that is the
direction we want to go).  The color of the ISDC logotype is bolder, the
font leaner, and the "25th" says this is an ongoing series of events,
not one-time only; yet we are at a major milestone.  Better than not
having "25th"; also better than the left one, in which the "25th"  is
partly obscuring the ISDC.  I like the idea of evoking California.
Second page examples don't do this as much -- the figure looks like the
robot Gort from a great Hollywood classic, but I'm not sure many people
would recognize that; also, logotype is less easy to see.  Well, I've
been a bit long-winded and since I'm not a graphic designer, please feel
free to accept or reject my comments as you see fit.  Perhaps add "25th"
to the leftmost one on the first page.  Nice work!
-Seth Potter


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Hi team: 
Sorry for this being late.
Here are first round identity ideas.
Thoughts, comments?

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