[ISDC2006] Notes from the Sunday planning mtg ISDC06

Pat Montoure montoure.pat at ssd.loral.com
Mon Dec 5 16:15:41 EST 2005

After the meeting I asked Robin to send out her notes on the meeting.  
She did not know I was going to ask her to do this.  She has a lot of 
good info here.  Thanks so much for doing this  

I have gone through and tried to correct names where I could find them. 

Robins notes:

At Pat's request, I'm sending my notes from today's meeting.  They  are 
absolutely not exhaustive or guaranteed for accuracy, but here  they are --

all the best,

Dec 4 ISDC planning meeting, Sheraton Gateway

present, in order of intros
(some spellings are phonetic; check against sign-in sheet)

George Whitesides, exec dir NSS
John Spencer, pres Space Tourism Society
Mark Hopkins, senior vp NSS
Cherie Rabideau, OCSS
Larry Evans, OCSS pres
Hank Murdoch, exec dir, Space Tourism Society
Giza Binger, OCSS
Ramona Montayne, OCSS
Jon Raymer, Intl. Assoc of Astronomical Artists
Jeremy Pyle, communications director, NSS
Phil Cojanis
Dave Snead
Robin Snelson
Allison Dollar, exec producer, Space Tourism Society award show
Lisa Kaspin, OASIS newsletter editor
Seth Potter, OASIS
Dennis Whipple, AV ace
Diane Rhodes, OASIS
Pat Montoure, OASIS  -- conference co-chair
Ivor Dawson, Traveling Space Museum
Samuel Coniglio, vp Space Tourism Society
Stan Rosen
arrived later:
Jules Ross, www.cstn.tv
Karen Lau, NSS branding
Doug Massier

on phone
Mike Turney
Kennda Lynch
Frank Pietronigro
Lowry Burgess
Walt Mirczak, Northrop Grumman
Lu Coffing, Planetary Society finance chief
Lorelei Lezowski

John Spencer: May 4 is the first day.  Space Venturing conference in  
the day.  Evening will be 2nd Space Tourism Society awards show.   
Allison is producer.  Dennis Tito, key award winner last time will be  
key award presenter this time.  Mark Shuttleworth and Greg Olsen will  
be there.

GW: as far as I know, 1st time all 3 paying space tourists together  in 
one place -- also working to invite the next one, Dice K, through  
Japanese contacts.

GW:  what we're looking at today is all provisional, all changeable

start p 4, partners
Larry Evans will be liason with Meade and Sally Ride
Sam Coniglio wants to add Long Now Foundation, get Stewart Brand,  will 
work it

GW: two kinds of participation
sponsors -- cash or in-kind contributions
affiliates -- promote conference to their membership, we offer  
conference at membership rate; in addition, some are programming tracks

Tracks are preliminary, the many possible track themes

Tours -- will be limited, so think of offering only to early registrants
(Phil : forget Sea Launch, talked to Jim Maser, turned down)

Sponsors:  raised about $100k last year in corporate support, expect  
can do same this year

Positions and responsibilities

Database:  Dave Snead to help Kent Miller integrate call for papers  
with online database, track [development?]

Jules Ross, intro:  California space and Technology News, producing  
show for PBS, commercial space companies, will do due diligence on  
website so if people want to invest they can get info  www.cstn.tv
Will be on in March, weekly or 3 times a week

Karen Lau, Exploring New Worlds, new tag, new branding, will send  
sketches out to list

Phil Cojanis re sponsorship:  should work force development track be  
connected with that?

Jeremy Pyle, media.  Working on initial advertising with Imaginova,  ads 
in Space News meant to attract sponsors
ID other media, talk with our friends in the media
ID potential media sponsors locally, such as LA Times

GW: Distribute to ISDC list

Karen: re branding 25th ISDC, 25th Anniversary TPS

GW: Affiliate organizations:  Ivor listed, like to find somebody else  
to help serve as affiliate liason

Mark Hopkins:  CSA conf. volunteer named Rose from Embry Riddle in  
Florida, sent contact info to George, volunteered throngs of ERAU  students

?: tours, possibly before or after conference days, so not in  conflict 
with programming?

Lowry Burgess (something about space art event after conference)

Larry Evans, organizing eclipse tour to Turkey in March, link on NSS  
site, do a presentation at conference

Jon Raymer, IAAA traveling show, the Artist's Universe, would only  fill 
about 1/3 of space available, would need more art
figure out floor plan and wall space,

Lowry Burgess ESA, NASA, flown art, Zero-G flight project, IAAA Raymer

mention of Matthew Joscelyn's big planet art

Lowry's question to George, what is your dream result for effect of  
George, everybody will shape the goal
-- that LA and the nation become aware that the nature of space is  changing
-- we make news with announcements of new projects
-- give people a sense that space is no longer just engineering but  
encompasses a broad range of civilization (really, he said it better  
than this)

GW, Stan?
Stan: take advantage of all the legacy and experience, NSS has a  track 
record, draw on it, don't reinvent the wheel

GW:  want people to do jobs in their own areas and I want to get out  of 
the way

Next meetings:
telecon Sunday Dec 18th 1 pm Pacific
in-person Sunday Jan 8th, 3 pm Pacific

Phil: conf #?
GW:  www.freeconferencecall.com

GW:  we can use Mailman to generate specialized lists for sub-areas.   
To set up e-lists, let George or Pat know

Lisa will make new contact list with revisions today

Pat Montoure: would like everyone to keep me in the loop, no matter  
what you're doing.  CC on emails

Jeremy:  Phil said need central contact sheet with responsibilities;
GW:  Lisa will make it

John Spencer:  this CSA conference was very important conference.   ISDC 
could be watershed

Phil:  critical actionable things to be done before next meeting?

GW:  everything on handout doc today, would like to see all immediate  
goals accomplished before next in-person meeting.
Notes taken on the handout:

Additions to Positions:


Additions to Confirmed Partners:

Carnegie Mellon art
Zero G arts consortium
ATWG - seth to confirm

Additions to Tracks:

Kenda -- Minorities in Aerospace
Mark -- Space Settlement Summit

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