[ISDC2006] Sunday's meeting Dec 4, 2006

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I would also like to make one more tweaking of the plans.  Let's
assemble at the entrance to the Brasserie at 1:15 PM, and look at the
menu.  The Brasserie might be more formal and pricey than we want, so if
we don't like the menu, we'll have time to walk next door to the Crowne
Plaza.  They also have a Brasserie, but it has a buffet, which usually
suggests a less formal atmosphere and less expensive price.
-Seth Potter

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One slight change of plan -- Shula's closes early on Sunday, so we'll
meet at the Brasserie (the other restaurant in the hotel) at 1:30 PM.
-Seth Potter 

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A few of us from the OASIS chapter are meeting Pat Montoure for lunch
this Sunday before the ISDC meeting (Pat is flying in for the meeting).
All ISDC2006 organizing committee participants are welcome to join us.
We are meeting at Shula's, the more casual of the two restaurants in the
Sheraton Gateway, at 1:30 PM, then heading up to the ISDC meeting
-Seth Potter
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