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NSS expresses concern on lack of space support in Democratic Platform

WASHINGTON, D.C. August 14, 2000 - The National Space Society expressed disappointment today over failure of the Democratic Party to support a strong U.S. space effort in their 2000 Presidential Nominating Convention Platform. The platform makes no mention of either the U.S. space program, science, or technology policy. The actions of the Democrat's platform committee in making the omission was called shortsighted, according to NSS Executive Director Pat Dasch.

"The omission of proposals to strengthen and advance our commercial, civilian, and military space programs is a major oversight for representatives of a candidate and an administration that has claimed space achievements as part of its legacy to the nation," Dasch wrote Edward G. Rendell, General Chair of the Democratic National Committee. Dasch pointed out that the Republican Party Platform adopted in Philadelphia July 31st called for a series of advanced space goals, and the platform of the Green Party also called for support for the nation's civilian space program.

Only the Reform Party followed the Democratic Party in omitting space from its platform language. Dasch urged Rendell to add a statement of support for the space program to the Gore campaign's agenda. "We hope that the DNC will consider drafting a statement for the Vice President's campaign that rectifies this omission and sets forth a strong pro-space agenda for your party," Dasch said.

Note to editors: Copies of the NSS letter are available via fax and email. Contact NSS headquarters at 202-543-1900.

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