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Apollo 13 30th Anniversary Celebration: Hollywood Honors the Apollo 13 Crew Washington DC, April 15 - "Houston, we've got a problem" How many of us can forget that famous quote, which became one of the most recognizable from our Space program? Those words also entered the popular lexicon with the success of Ron Howard's 1994 movie, "Apollo 13". Hard as it may be to believe, April 2000, will mark the 30th anniversary of that perilous and heroic Mission.

Roy E. Disney will serve as the Co-Chairman of the Apollo 13 "Diamond" Anniversary Gala Dinner to be held April 29, 2000 at the Museum of Flying in Santa Monica, CA. Proceeds from the Gala will benefit the National Space Society and the Astronaut Scholarship Foundation (created by the Original Mercury 7 Astronauts), two worthy causes that help to promote public awareness of the benefits of Space exploration and provide support for education.

Members of the NSS Board Governors, Tom Hanks, Bruce Boxleitner, Fred Ordway, and Buzz Aldrin head the list of noteworthy attendees who will honor Apollo 13 crew members: Commander Jim Lovell (also an NSS Governor), Fred Haise, and John Swigert, Jr.(deceased). Ken Mattingly, whose role on the ground was so critical to the crew's survival will attend as well as retired astronauts Richard Gordon and NSS President Dan Brandenstein. The Gala will begin with an auction of space - related artifacts and memorabilia, followed by dinner, presentations, and entertainment. A flyover of vintage aircraft will honor astronauts no longer living.

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