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16 September 1999


The National Space Society supports Wednesday's action in the U.S. Senate that restored full funding for NASA , said NSS Executive Director Pat Dasch. "This action is a major step forward in securing full funding for America's civil space program, but the fight isn't over yet," Dasch said. The NASA FY2000 budget request as approved Wednesday by the Senate VA, HUD, and Independent Agencies subcommittee of the full Appropriations Committee funded NASA at the full request made by the Clinton administration. The subcommittee rejected cuts of $1 billion to the civil space agency's proposed budget as passed Sept. 9th by the House of Representatives. Dasch said that NSS and other space advocacy groups and professional societies had fought against the cuts, which she indicated would have devastated the space agency's programs.

But she warned that space activists should not yet relax their guard. "The struggle goes now to the full Appropriations Committee, then the Senate floor and then to a House-Senate Conference Committee later this fall," Dasch explained. "And even if the full amount for NASA is contained in the final bill, the President may yet veto the legislation for other political reasons," she added.

As a result, Dasch said that NSS and its members would continue to urge full funding for NASA before the legislative cycle is complete. "We cannot turn out backs on the future of space exploration now," Dasch said. "NASA needs the support of all Americans and all members of Congress during this period."

The National Space Society and its 20,000 members worldwide fought to reverse the action of the House Appropriations Committee last July 26th, which recommended the cuts the full House approved. The cuts threatened to cripple NASA's technological research programs, science missions, and other space projects that Dasch said were critical investments for future space goals and as building blocks for the growing U.S. commercial space community.

The National Space Society, celebrating 25 years of space education and advocacy, is an independent, non-profit space advocacy organization headquartered in Washington, DC. Its 20,000 members worldwide actively promote the development of a spacefaring civilization. For additional information on NSS and space exploration, visit the NSS website at or call 202-543-1900.

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