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03 May 1999


In celebration of Space Day on May 6, 1999, the National Space Society (NSS) announces it has granted three fellowship awards through the Center for Lunar Research (CLR) to students at the University of Wisconsin. Established in 1998, the CLR's first activity was to support the analysis of data from both the Clementine and Lunar Prospector missions.

The three students chosen for the first awards are:

  • Junjie Ding, an Engineering PhD student, will correlate Lunar Prospector neutron spectrometric data related to hydrogen with Lunar Prospector gamma ray spectrometric data and Clementine and Earth-based optical spectrometric data related to the chemical components and crystal structures in feldspar;
  • Mike Zalewski, an undergraduate engineering student, will be validating models for solar wind hydrogen deposition on the moon;
  • Matt Malecki, an undergraduate student majoring in physics, math and astronomy, will be correlating Lunar Prospector hydrogen data with calculations of the pick-up ion transport and reimplantation into the lunar surface;

Other Space Day Activites

NSS will be supporting events at the National Air and Space Museum, headquarters for the international celebration. In addition, the NSS web site will be linked to the Space Day site providing access to the "Cyber Space Day" webcast. Scheduled to begin at 11:00 am ET, the four-hour broadcast will include an interview with Pat Dasch, NSS Executive Director, who will discuss the future exploration of space and employment potential in the ever-growing aerospace industry. Other NSS luminaries to be interviewed include former-senator and astronaut John Glenn (NSS Governor), X Prize Foundation Chairman Peter Diamandis (NSS Director), and author and space historian Andrew Chaikin (NSS member)..

To learn more about how you can participate in the activities visit the NSS Online at [] or on AOL at keyword: NSS.

The National Space Society, celebrating 25 years of space advocacy, promotes a spacefaring civilization living and working in thriving communities beyond the Earth. Members of the Society's Board of Governors, including Dr. Harrison Schmitt, former Apollo 17 astronaut, and Dr. Alan Binder, Principal Investigator for the Lunar Prospector mission, are working with the Society's membership to take proactive steps towards returning humans to the Moon.

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