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18 January 1999

Global Community Celebrations

(Washington, DC) -- December 15 -- The National Space Society (NSS) is celebrating its 25th Anniversary throughout 1999. With more than 20,000 members in more than 35 countries, the National Space Society is the oldest grassroots space organization. The NSS vision of people living and working in thriving communities beyond the Earth is realized through a mission of promoting change in social, technical, economic and political conditions to advance the day when people will live and work in space.

The early days of the National Space Institute and L5 Society - the two organizations that merged to form the National Space Society, were full of enthusiasm and dedication - a spirit that carries on today. Space pioneers lead by rocket scientist, Werner von Braun; ABC anchorman, Hugh Downs; and former NASA Administrator, James Fletcher, conceived the organization's public education role strengthening interest and support for space exploration now and in the future. Ad Astra, NSS's flagship publication, will chronicle the Society's milestones in its May/June Anniversary Issue available in mid-May.

NSS is encouraging the public to join in the year-long celebration by participating in activities on the 25th of every month. Activities will be posted on the NSS web site along with special events and other NSS news. Here's a sample: January - Send a postcard to your state elected officials asking them for their position on space issues. February - Send a message to the President on President's Day; March - Name 25 astronauts. Do you know how many there are? April - Share your dreams about space with family and friends. May - Give a public presentation to a group in your community on space. June - Give an NSS membership. July - Host a star party. August- Attend an event where your local elected officials will be appearing and ask for their views on space.

The National Space Society moves into the New Millennium creating new chapters and an endowment fund which gives donors the opportunity to participate in the silver celebration in a substantial and lasting way.

The updated events calendar will be posted on the NSS website and at NSS's America Online Space Exploration Forum.

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