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21 October 1998

National Space Society Teams With Space Adventures, Ltd., Microsoft Corporation, InterVU, Inc., Yahoo! Chat,, and America Online to provide online launch coverage

(Washington, DC) -- October 20 -- The National Space Society today announces live online coverage of the STS-95 "John Glenn" launch of the space shuttle Discovery. A video broadcast and online chats will present the public the chance to witness the launch, while discussing the mission with astronauts and other key members of the space community.

In parntership with Space Adventures, Ltd., the Microsoft Corporation, and InterVU, Inc., the NSS will host a live online video broadcast of the STS-95 launch, complete with exclusive interviews with astronauts and veteran space reporters. The broadcast will begin at T-minus 4 hours (10:00 AM ET) on October 29.

The webcast can be viewed at <> using the Microsoft Media Player. The player can be downloaded for free at the site.

In conjunction with the webcast, will present a live forum hosted by Yahoo! Chat with three-time shuttle astronaut and NSS President, Charles Walker. Walker was the first non-career, industry-sponsored astronaut, serving as payload specialist on Space Shuttle missions STS 41-D, 51-D, and 61-B.

The chat will begin on October 29, at 1:30 pm ET at the Auditorium on Yahoo! Chat.

The National Space Society's Space Exploration Online, a forum on America Online, will also present live chats with astronauts, shuttle technicians, and on-site reporters.

Featured are discussions with Apollo astronaut and artist Alan Bean on October 21, at 9:00 PM ET, space shuttle crawler engineer Bob Poston on October 26 at 7:00 PM ET, and former NASA Johnson Spaceflight Center Flight Dynamics Officer Roger Balettie on Thursday, October 29th at 9:00 PM ET. A full schedule of the events, as well as access to the chats, can be found at keyword: space

The National Space Society, founded in 1974, is an independent, nonprofit space advocacy organization headquartered in Washington, DC. Its 20,000 members and 75 chapters around the world actively promote a spacefaring civilization.

NOTE: All guests and schedules are subject to change and/or additions.

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