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This May the National Space Society will hold an auction at the 2010 International Space Development Conference (ISDC) in Chicago. The auction will be held Saturday night, May 29, and will be a combination live and silent auction.

We would like your help to acquire items for us to auction. Space themed items would be well received. Generally there are three ways to acquire auction items: (1) donate them from your personal collection, (2) buy them or (3) ask someone else to donate their own items.

You may have several things in your attic, in your garage or in your office that people would love to bid on. Is there an autographed book, a space model or a piece of hardware you would be willing to part with? Look around the house. Perhaps something your spouse has been telling you to get rid of would make a great auction item. We would like unique items that would inspire and excite people.

If you don’t have anything you want to part with, please take a moment to look online for something you could buy and donate back to NSS. If you are attending the ISDC there will be many opportunities to purchase something and then get the author or creator to autograph it. Apogee books will be attending and will have numerous books for sale with the authors standing by.

You can find many items of interest on the Internet.

As you can see there are many ways you can contribute. Maybe you already have something in mind.

As a third option you may approach your friends or corporations you work with to donate items. Remind them that NSS is an educational 501(c)(3) organization and all donations are tax deductible.

Lastly we encourage you to bid on items at the auction. Remember the auction is an opportunity for you to donate back to NSS and get something in return. We need your help. Stay tuned to NSS Downlink to learn how to bid on items if you are unable to attend the ISDC.

Once you have decided to donate an item, email me at and tell me what you plan to donate. This way we can keep duplications down. This notification allows us to promote your item before the conference in order to build excitement for the bidding. It also will enable us to send you a thank you and tax deduction letter. I will also let you know where to ship your donated item.

If you have any ideas or questions please feel free to email me at  

The Officers and Board of Directors are also participating in the auction and wish to express their appreciation for your help.

Finally, if you are planning on attending the ISDC (and I hope you are), please volunteer to man the auction table for an hour or two. We can always use volunteers and volunteering is another good way to support the National Space Society and the work that it does to promote space exploration, development, and settlement.

For those of you willing to volunteer a total of 12 hours at the table, we will give you the early bird registration price for the ISDC of just $60. That is more than half off the member's price. We are serious about needing your help.

Again please email me, Robby Gaines, Vice President of Development at and I will sign you up.


Robby Gaines
Vice President of Development
National Space Society

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