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WASHINGTON, D.C. - November 9, 2008

NSS Congratulates ISRO on Successful Chandrayaan-1 Lunar Arrival

The National Space Society, America's premier citizen's voice for space, offers its congratulations to the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) for the successful orbiting of the first Indian spacecraft around the Moon on November 8.  Together with the Japanese, Chinese, and (later) U.S. orbiters, Chandrayaan-1 will provide unprecedented knowledge of the Moon for the 21st century, and will broaden the community of nations exploring other worlds.

The Chandrayaan mission also demonstrates the value of cooperation in space activities, as it will carry several scientific instruments designed by NASA and other scientific institutions from around the world.  The National Space Society applauds these joint ventures, and sees them as a model for future missions.  We look forward to seeing the images and knowledge that Chandrayaan-1 will bring to advance the exploration of space.

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