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March 16, 2007

Winning Artwork in the National Space Society Space Settlement Art Contest

In November 2006, the National Space Society(NSS) launched the NSS Space Settlement Art Contest. Contest objectives were to generate new artwork depicting space settlement; encourage artists in the creation of such art; and to raise public awareness about space settlement by maintaining an online space art gallery and featuring the best contest art in the NSS Space Settlement 2008 Calendar.

To ensure the success of the contest, sponsors generously donated over $10,000.00 in prizes to the contest. Principal sponsors include Pandromeda Inc., Beyond-Earth Enterprises, Artnow Online, The Moon Society, Huntsville Alabama L5 Society, Chicago Society for Space Studies, Oklahoma Space Alliance, and the National Space Society.

For three months (November 2007 through January 2008) artists from around the world submitted their art to the contest. More than 100 entries were submitted, seventy of which were accepted. At the close of the contest judges faced the daunting task of choosing just 12 winning images for the calendar.

An award winning panel of judges for the contest was assembled by Chief Judge Jim Plaxco, chair of the NSS Space Settlement Calendar Committee. Heading up the panel of judges were two world renowned space artists: David A. Hardy, author and a winner of the Sir Arthur Clarke Award, from the United Kingdom; and Pat Rawlings, Science Applications International Corp. Art Director, of the United States. Rounding out the panel of judges were George Whitesides, Executive Director of the National Space Society and Peter Kokh, President of the Moon Society and Editor of Moon Miners Manifesto.

With voting completed, winning artists were from Germany, Poland, Spain, United Kingdom, and the United States. According to Jim Plaxco, "The imagination and artistic mastery exhibited by the artists really impressed us. It was tough having to choose just 12 works of art. What we really needed were more months in the year."

The Grand Prize winning image was from the Orbital Settlements category and the winning artist from Germany. The picture The Return To Abalakin by Alexander Preuss excelled in its representation of a toroidal space city of a million inhabitants. As Grand Prize winner, The Return To Abalakin will be featured on the cover of the NSS Space Settlement 2008 Calendar.

Winning First Prize in the Orbital Settlements category is a wonderfully romantic beach view of a sunrise in an O'Neill Colony. Islands of the Gods is the creation of Richard Bizley of the United Kingdom. One other submission from the Orbital Settlements category that will be featured in the calendar is Inside Orbital City by Murphy Elliott of Florida, USA.

The First Prize winner in the Martian Settlements category is Javier Arizabalo from Spain. His Mars from a Young Perspective features a spacesuited boy gazing dreamingly into the distance as a rocket lifts off. Other images chosen from the Martian Settlement category for inclusion in the calendar are: Second Outpost by Janek Kozicki of Poland featuring an early outpost on the Martian surface; Mars Gardens by Alex Aurichio of New York, USA which illustrates the use of bioengineered plants to enhance the martian atmosphere.

In the Asteroid Settlements category, First Prize was awarded to Dr. Chee Ming Wong of the United Kingdom for his Asteroid Settlement: Slingshot To The Galaxy. This imaginative work illustrates the use of an asteroid's raw materials for the creation of human space settlements. Other images in the Asteroid Settlement category which will be featured in the NSS Space Settlement 2008 Calendar are: A Mining Settlement On 90 Antiope by Walter Myers from Illinois, USA which gives a bird's eye view of a mining settlement on the double asteroid 90 Antiope; and City Under Glass by Raymond Cassel from Colorado, USA illustrating asteroid cities connected by tethers.

Taking first place in the Moon Settlement category is Warren Turner of the United Kingdom. His piece Moonbase Preparations features mining operations on the lunar surface. Other images from the Moon Settlement category to be featured in the calendar are: Descent Into The Dark Side by Raymond Cassel featuring a night time lunar orbit view of a moon base; The Soaring Arena by Bill Wright of Maryland, USA illustrating the potential for human powered flight inside large lunar arenas.

All art accepted in the contest may be viewed at the NSS Space Settlement Calendar Gallery at The NSS Space Settlement 2008 Calendar will be available for sale beginning in May at the International Space Development Conference.

The National Space Society (NSS) is an independent, educational, grassroots nonprofit organization dedicated to the creation of a spacefaring civilization. For US tax purposes, NSS is a tax exempt 501(c)(3) educational nonprofit corporation. NSS is widely acknowledged as the preeminent citizen's voice on space. The society also publishes Ad Astra magazine, an award-winning periodical chronicling the most important developments in space.

Contest Sponsors

Pandromeda Inc.
Makers of Mojoworld 3D computer graphics software

Beyond-Earth Enterprises
Leading the way to the commercialization of space

Artnow Online
For Galleries and Artists to promote their artworks

The Moon Society
To further the creation of communities on the Moon

2007 International Space Development Conference
Celebrating 50 Years of Spaceflight

Huntsville Alabama L5 Society

Chicago Society for Space Studies
Celebrating 30 year of space advocacy June 2007

Oklahoma Space Alliance

National Space Society
The premier space activist organization on the planet


David A. Hardy
Space Artist and Author
Sir Arthur Clarke Award Winner

Peter Kokh
President, Moon Society
Editor, Moon Miners Manifesto

Jim Plaxco
Chair, NSS Space Settlement Calendar Committee
Vice President, Chicago Society for Space Studies

Pat Rawlings
Space Artist
Art Director, Science Applications International Corp.

George Whitesides
Executive Director, National Space Society


Artist Artist Web Site Contest Entry Prize Awarded
Alexander Preuss The Return To Abalakin Grand Prize
Chee Ming Wong Asteroid settlement slingshot to the galaxy 1st Place - Asteroid Settlement
Javier Arizabalo Mars from a young glance 1st Place - Mars Settlements
Warren Turner   Moonbase Preparations 1st Place - Moon Settlement
Richard Bizley Islands of the Gods 1st Place - Orbital Settlements
Alex Aurichio Mars Gardens Winning Entry
Raymond Cassel   City Under Glass Winning Entry
Raymond Cassel   Descent Into The Dark Side Winning Entry
Murphy Elliott Inside Orbital City Winning Entry
Janek Kozicki Second Outpost Winning Entry
Walter Myers A mining settlement on 90 Antiope Winning Entry
Bill Wright The Soaring Arena Winning Entry

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