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NSS Press Release Archive: 2001 - 2005

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2005 Releases

2005-Sept-19 NASA Sets Out An Inspiring, Affordable Path For Future Exploration
2005-Aug-30 Space Exploration Alliance Members Meet with Members of Congress
2005-Aug-09 NSS Members Congratulate Discovery Crew on Smooth Landing
2005-Aug-03 NSS Release on Successful Shuttle Repair
2005-July-04 BULLS-EYE!
2005-June-15 NSS Members Rally to Fight Off Cut to NASA Budget
2005-May-24 ISDC 2005 a huge success!
2005-May-17 Apollo Legend to Present Burt Rutan with NSS's Highest Award at Opening Ceremony of ISDC
2005-Apr-28 Planetary Protection, Space Science and Personal Spaceflight at 2005 ISDC
2005-Apr-06 NASA to Sponsor 2005 International Space Development Conference
2005-Mar-17 Hugh Downs to Host 30th Anniversary Gala for National Space Society
2005-Mar-11 NSS Applauds Choice of Dr. Michael Griffin for NASA Administrator
2005-Feb-22 Leaders of Government and Private Space Efforts to Speak at 2005 ISDC
2005-Feb-03 NSS Partners With Space.Com to Create Ad Astra Online, Appoints Imaginova Publisher
2005-Jan-14 NSS members awed by images of Titan's shores
2005-Jan-12 NSS and B612 Foundation Hail NASA's Deep Impact Mission

2004 Releases

2004-Dec-14 NSS Statement on Resignation of NASA Administrator Sean O'Keefe
2004-Nov-23 NSS Hails NASA budget for 2005
2004-Nov-15 NSS Presents Letters of Support For Vision to Congress
2004-Nov-01 NSS and UNESCO Team up to Bring Space Education to Philippines
2004-Oct-18 NSS and SEDS Announce New Scholarship for International Space University
2004-Oct-04 NSS Congratulates SpaceShipOne Team on Winning X-Prize
2004-Sep-30 Lance Bass Joins NSS Board of Governors
2004-Sep-29 NSS Lauds First Ansari X-Prize Success
2004-Sep-16 National Space Society is First in Zero-G
2004-July-26 NSS Partners with the Coalition For Space Exploration
2004-July-19 Moon Mars Blitz A Success!
2004-June-21 NSS Members Energized By World's First Private Spaceflight
2004-June-16 National Space Society Statement on Aldridge Commission Report
2004-June-03 NSS Encourages Members to Attend World's First Private Manned Spaceflight Launch
2004-May-20 Historic Firsts Challenge The Edge Of Space
2004-May-17 Space Exploration Alliance to mobilize 'Moon-Mars Blitz' on Capitol Hill
2004-May-08 Announcement of Formation of New Space Exploration Alliance
2004-May-05 NSS to Aldridge Commission: Explore to Create a Spacefaring Civilization
2004-Apr-09 The Right Stuff Lives Again
2004-Mar-30 NSS Hails Restart of Space Tourism and Next Private Space Explorer, Dr. Gregory Olsen
2004-Mar-24 NSS Hails Discovery of an Ancient Salty Sea on Mars
2004-Mar-18 George T. Whitesides Named NSS Executive Director
2004-Mar-16 NSS Applauds Senate's Commitment to Visionary Space Exploration

2003 Releases

2003-Oct-14 Space Coalition Urges Swift Passage of Commercial Space Act of 2003 (HR 3245) [PDF]
2003-Oct-14 NSS Congratulates China on Its First Human Space Mission [PDF]
2003-Aug-26 NSS Urges NASA to Embrace CAIB Recommendations and Move Forward with Bold Vision for Space Exploration [PDF]
2003-Aug-04 NSS Mourns Loss of Executive Committee Chairman Chris Pancratz [PDF]
2003-May-30 STS-107 Columbia Crew Honored at 22nd International Space Development Conference
2003-Apr-02 Brian Chase, NSS Executive Director, Testimony to U.S. Senate on Future of NASA [PDF]
2003-Feb-01 Statement by Brian Chase, NSS Executive Director, on loss of crew of Space Shuttle Columbia

2002 Releases

2002-Aug-14 NSS and Space Adventures Team Up to Support Commercial Space Exploration
2002-Jun-25 NSS Governor, Michael Debakey, Honored by NASA Administrator
2002-May-23 NSS hails reported discovery of Water on Mars
2002-May-22 Dr. Robert Zubrin presented Robert A. Heinlein Memorial Award at ISDC
2002-May-15 NSS Alert! The Space Exploration Act of 2002
2002-Jan-09 NSS Statement on Close Approach of 2001 YB5

2001 Releases

2001-Apr-09 Statement on the International Space Station Budget                                                

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