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2015 Releases

2015-June-30   Epic Video Takes Pluto-mania Viral
2015-June-29   National Space Society Urges NASA and SpaceX to Continue Developing Innovative Rocket Reuse Technology
2015-June-12   National Space Society Opposes Senate Gutting of Commercial Crew Program
2015-June-1   International Lunar Decade Declaration Unveiled at National Space Society Conference
2015-May-15   Dr. Kip Thorne, Renowned Physicist and Executive Producer of film Interstellar, to Speak at International Space Development Conference®
2015-May-7   International and U.S. Students and Teachers Headed to Toronto for 34th Annual International Space Development Conference®
2015-Apr-27   NSS Applauds Northrop Grumman/Caltech Push Toward Space Solar Power
2015-Apr-15   National Space Society Calls SpaceX Launch Success a Step Toward Future Space Stations
2015-Apr-15   Renowned Astronauts & Space Experts On-Board for 2015 International Space Development Conference in Toronto
2015-Apr-08   Kip Thorne Wins the National Space Society’s Space Pioneer Award for “Mass Media”
2015-Mar-04   Anousheh Ansari Wins the National Space Society’s Space Pioneer Award for “Service to the Space Community”
2015-Feb-25   National Space Society and Space Frontier Foundation announce the formation of the Alliance for Space Development
2015-Feb-23   Rosetta Team Wins the National Space Society's 2015 Space Pioneer Award for Science and Engineering
2015-Feb-17   Jay Barbree Wins the National Space Society's 2015 Space Pioneer Award for Mass Media
2015-Feb-10   Mars Science Laboratory (Curiosity) Rover and Science Team Wins the National Space Society’s von Braun Award
2015-Feb-5   Lori Garver Wins the National Space Society's Non-Legislative Government Service Space Pioneer Award
2015-Feb-3   Enterprise In Space Announces Orbiter Design Contest Winners
2015-Jan-12   National Space Society Applauds Milestone on the Road to Space Settlement: First Precision Return of a Falcon 9 First Stage to an Ocean Platform
2015-Jan-12   Indian Space Research Organization Mars Orbiter Programme Team Wins National Space Society’s Space Pioneer Award for Science and Engineering


2014 Releases

2014-Dec-4   Join the NSS Leadership Team — Apply by December 31
2014-Dec-3   National Space Society Highlights Contribution of Japanese Hayabusa 2 Asteroid Mission to Space Settlement
2014-Nov-24   Astronaut Lunar Ambassadors 45th Anniversary Splashdowns
2014-Oct-31   National Space Society Encourages Virgin Galactic To Press On
2014-Sep-29   National Space Society Launches “Enterprise In Space”
2014-Sep-18   National Space Society Praises Inclusion of Competition in NASA's Commercial Crew Decision
2014-Jul-15   National Space Society Calls for Less U.S. Dependence on Russian Space Technology
2014-Jul-2   NSS Pays Tribute to Space Pioneer Frederick I. Ordway III
2014-Jun-13   NSS Pays Tribute to Space Based Solar Power Pioneer Peter Glaser
2014-May-5   National Space Society Officer and Director Lynne Zielinski Receives Alan Shepard Technology in Education Award
2014-Apr-29   Buzz Aldrin, Elon Musk Lead List of Luminaries at International Space Development Conference in Los Angeles
2014-Apr-22   National Space Society Congratulates SpaceX on the Success of CRS-3 and the First Flight of the Falcon 9R
2014-Apr-7   Dr. John Lewis Wins National Space Society's Space Pioneer Award for Science and Engineering
2014-Mar-31   Orbital's Antares/Cygnus Team Wins National Space Society's Space Pioneer Award for Science and Engineering
2014-Mar-25   SpaceX President Gwynne Shotwell Wins National Space Society's Space Pioneer Award for Entrepreneurial Business
2014-Mar-7   National Space Society Supports 2015 NASA Commercial Crew Budget
2014-Mar-3   Mercury MESSENGER Team Wins National Space Society's Space Pioneer Award for Science and Engineering
2014-Feb-21   Elon Musk Wins National Space Society Robert A. Heinlein Award
2014-Feb-17   National Space Society Issues Position on Protecting Earth from Cosmic Impacts
2014-Jan-13   National Space Society Opposes HR 3625


2013 Releases

2013-Dec-6   National Space Society Congratulates SpaceX on First Successful GEO Transfer Mission
2013-Oct-28   Participate in the International SunSat Competition — Over $40,000 in Prizes Will Be Awarded!
2013-Sep-11   NSS Remembers Long-Time Member Frederik Pohl
2013-Aug-23   Space Settlements Represent Hope for Humankind
2013-Aug-12   National Space Society Salutes Lori Garver's Service at NASA
2013-Aug-5   National Space Society Position on the 2014 NASA Budget
2013-Jun-10   Space Solar Power: Key to a Livable Planet Earth
2013-Jun-3   National Space Society Reports on Annual Conference
2013-May-14   MEDIA ADVISORY: National Space Society Presents Milestones to Space Settlement:¬†An NSS Roadmap
2013-May-8   Dr. Abdul Kalam to Receive Von Braun Award at ISDC 2013
2013-May-7   Over 20 Exhibitors to Present at International Space Development Conference
2013-Apr-24   National Space Society Adds to Its Leadership Team
2013-Apr-11   National Space Society Applauds NASA Asteroid Capture Plan
2013-Apr-1   ISDC 2013 Will Be the 'Must-Attend' Space Event This Year!
2013-Mar-18   National Space Society Officer and Director to Receive Prestigious National Space Educator Award
2013-Jan-23   The National Space Society "Kick Starts" New Space Initiative

2012 Releases

2012-Oct-19   NSS Announces Partnership with New Mexico Museum of Space History to Preserve the History of Space Advocacy
2012-Oct-15   NSS Applauds Success of Red Bull/Stratos High-Altitude Jump
2012-Oct-10   NSS Congratulates SpaceX Team – Commercial Space Is Open for Business
2012-Sep-19   NSS Urges Congress to "Choose to Explore Space" on 50th Anniversary of JFK's Historic Speech
2012-Aug-26   NSS Mourns Neil Armstrong – Calls for Renewed Emphasis on Human Space Exploration
2012-Aug-6   Successful Landing of Mars Science Laboratory (Curiosity) Rover – Historic Next Step in Mars Exploration
2012-Aug-6   NSS Congratulates Commercial Crew Integrated Capability (CCiCap) Participants
2012-Jul-30   NSS and Explore Mars announce September 12th Congressional Space Blitz
2012-Jul-25   NSS Mourns Sally Ride – First American Woman Astronaut
2012-Jun-08   NSS Mourns Passing of Ray Bradbury, Author and NSS Space Pioneer Award Recipient
2012-Jun-01   NSS Congratulates SpaceX Team — Calls on Congress to Fully Fund Commercial Crew & Space Technology
2012-May-25   NSS Congratulates SpaceX on a Magnificent First Docking of Dragon Capsule and Successful Launch of NSS "Special Payload"
2012-May-14   NSS Urges Congress to Ease Export Control Restrictions on Satellites and Space-Related Items
2012-May-02   Stephen Colbert To Receive NSS Award from Buzz Aldrin May 3 on The Colbert Report
2012-Apr-26   Eric Anderson of Planetary Resources Confirmed as Keynote Luncheon Speaker at ISDC
2012-Apr-23   NASA Administrator Bolden, Deputy Administrator Garver Announced as Keynote Speakers at ISDC 2012
2012-Mar-28   Stephen Hawking Accepts Prestigious NSS Award on Society's 25th Anniversary
2012-Mar-22   National Space Society Announces John Glenn and Scott Carpenter as Featured Guests for 25th Anniversary Gala [PDF]
2012-Mar-04   2012 Legislative Blitz: Broad Bi-Partisan Support for US Space Program on Capitol Hill, Yet Differing Opinions on Approach
2012-Feb-28   The National Space Society Supports New Horizons Stamp: Urges Others to do the Same
2012-Feb-27   NSS Executive Director to Address Media at NSRC Conference
2012-Feb-20   NSS Salutes John Glenn on 50th Anniversary of Friendship 7 Space Flight [PDF]
2012-Feb-13   NSS Comments on NASA's FY2013 Budget; Calls for Continued Commitment to Space
2012-Jan-26   National Space Society Notes Gingrich Vision for Space - Calls on Other Candidates to Present Their Plans
2012-Jan-09 LtCol Paul Damphousse USMC (Ret) Named Executive Director as NSS Enters Its 25th Year [PDF]

2011 Releases

2011-Dec-14 NSS Hails Stratolaunch Initiative – A Pioneering Investment in Space Transportation [PDF]
2011-Nov-26 National Space Society congratulates NASA and ULA on successful launch of Mars Science Laboratory
2011-Nov-18 National Space Society Applauds the Passing of NASA Appropriations Bill for FY2012
2011-Nov-14 PRESS CONFERENCE: First International Assessment of Space Solar Power
2011-Nov-14 National Space Society Hails Space Solar Power Study Findings
2011-Nov-09 National Space Society to Announce Ground-Breaking Green Energy Solution [PDF]
2011-Oct-24 National Space Society Teams Up with Yuri's Night, the World Space Party
2011-Oct-20 NSS Board Meets at, Co-Sponsors SEDS SpaceVision 2011 Conference
2011-Sep-24 National Space Society's Call to Action for American Leadership in Civil Space
2011-Jul-21 NSS Commends the dedicated efforts of those that made the Space Shuttle Program possible
2011-Jul-18 NSS Congratulates Astronaut John Glenn on His 90th Birthday
2011-May-17 ISDC Silent Auction to Benefit Alabama Tornado Relief Efforts
2011-May-09 2011 ISDC Media Advisory - Space Investment Summit [PDF]
2011-May-06 2011 ISDC Media Advisory - Media Credentials for ISDC 2011 [PDF]
2011-May-06 2011 ISDC Media Advisory - Fast Facts on ISDC 2011 [PDF]
2011-May-02 Robert Bigelow of Bigelow Aerospace to be Keynote Speaker at National Space Society's International Space Development Conference (ISDC) [PDF]
2011-Apr-25 2011 International Space Development Conference (ISDC) Media Advisory [PDF]
2011-Apr-13 National Space Society Announces Space Pioneer Award for Business Entrepreneur to Be Awarded to SpaceX [PDF]
2011-Apr-04 Senior Indian Researcher Backs Joint US-India Development of Space Solar Power — A Multi-National Power Source
2011-Apr-02 Coming to Huntsville in May: The 2011 International Space Development Conference

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