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July 16, 2009

STS-127 First Week Summary

Hurrah! Space Shuttle Endeavour is finally on its way to the International Space Station. Because the launch time shifted early each day, the Shuttle crew is out of sync with the station crew. To get in sync, the Shuttle crew, that went to bed at midnight Wed, will be shifting to an earlier bed time at 10 PM on Friday.

It is going to be a busy flight! Here's an overview of the first week of this 17-day flight:

Th 7-16, Tile inspection day. Let's hope the foam strikes seen during launch were not serious. If so, another inspection will occur on Saturday.

Fr 7-17 Docking at 12:55 PM Central time, with hatch opening at 2:43 PM. Celebration of first time 13 people together on the station. Seven Americans, two Russians, two Canadians (I think this is a first?), one European, one Japanese. Sadly (IMHO), only one woman (Julie Payette).

Sat 7-18 EVA #1 (of 5) starts at 10:58 AM CDT. Spacewalkers are Wolf (solid red stripes), and Kopra (white). Kopra's first and only EVA this flight (he joins Expedition 20 crew). First of 3 for Wolf. Shuttle arm work by Polansky and Payette, ISS arm work by Hurley and Padalka. Main task is to unload and install Japanese Exposed Facility (they call if "JEF") Ends at 5:28 PM.

Sun 7-19 Tile inspection, if needed, begins around 7:30 AM. Otherwise, station and Shuttle arm work by Payette and Kopra, Polansky and Hurley to unload Integrated Cargo Carrier-Vertical Light Deploy (ICC-VLD).

Mon 7-20 (40th anniversary, first humans on the Moon) EVA #2 begins at 10:28 AM. Wolf and Marshburn (dashed red lines). Transfer of equipment from the ICC-VLD to a stowage place between the port radiator and the first solar array wing. Ends at 4:58 PM.

Tues 7-21 Shuttle and Station arm work by Polansky/Payette and Hurley/Wakata to unload and install Japanese Logistics Module-Exposed Section. Begins 7:08 AM, handover between arms at 11:33 AM should be fun to watch.

Wed 7-22 EVA #3 begins at 9:58 AM. Wolf and Cassidy (horizontal red stripes). First part of swap out of 6 batteries (on station since 2000) on the far port end of the solar arrays--should be some spectacular views from there around 11 AM. EVA ends at 4:28 PM.

I'll post the second week's summary timeline in a later message. Landing is planned for July 31.

To the stars,

Marianne Dyson
NSS Advisor

PS Come join me and members of NSS of North Texas at the "Moon Day" event at the Frontiers of Flight Museum at Love Field (airport) in Dallas Sunday 1-5!

Posted by m_dyson at July 16, 2009 01:25 AM



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