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November 28, 2008

Buttoning Up and Closing the Hatch

On Thanksgiving Day, the crew of Endeavor's STS-126 mission wrapped up their duties on the International Space Station and closed the hatch that led to the Station. A lot had been accomplished. Sixteen thousand pounds of equipment and other stuff had been moved between the shuttle and the station. New stuff moved into the station and old stuff that was no longer needed was moved to the shuttle. New additions to the station included two new "bedrooms" and a second "bathroom." Also coming aboard was a new galley, complete with refrigerator, a resistance exercise device, and a water recovery unit.

Aside from the deliveries, shuttle spacewalkers repaired the starboard Solar Alpha Rotry Joint (SARJ) and performed preventive maintenance on the port SARJ. A total of 26 hours and 41 minutes of spacewalks were performed. The station is finally configured to support its design complement of six crew members. The STS-126 crew can be proud of a very successful mission.

Allen Taylor
NSS Member

Posted by allen.taylor at November 28, 2008 12:07 AM



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