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September 06, 2007

New Apollo Documentary Earns Top Reviews

'In the Shadow of the Moon', a new documentary about the Apollo program by British director David Sington, will be released this week and is earning rave reviews.

The movie, which records the honest emotions and experiences of many of the Apollo astronauts, weaves together the narratives of the Apollo program into a compelling and moving whole.

NSS members love it. OCSS Chapter President Larry Evans wrote the following glowing review: "Sington has reinvented the Apollo documentary format."

For the full review, visit Ad Astra Online. Link.

I attended the premiere tonight in New York City's Hayden Planetarium, and I have to say it was both moving and funny at the same time. The comments from Buzz Aldrin, member of NSS's Board of Governors and former President, were fantastic.

Everyone interested in space or what makes America great should see this film. For a release schedule, visit the film website. Link.

Ad Astra!

Posted by george_whitesides at 02:41 AM


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