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August 30, 2007

Space Shuttle Endeavour Lands Safely

The Space Shuttle Endeavour has landed safely at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida. Commander Scott Kelly and Pilot Charles Hobaugh fired Space Shuttle Endeavour's jets at 11:25 am EDT to begin the descent, and touched down on schedule at 12:32 pm EDT on Tuesday, August 21.

Endeavour's successful mission to the International Space Station was marked with concern about an impact to the protective tile on the bottom of the orbiter. After extensive review at NASA centers across the country, mission managers decided that the shuttle could land safely without repairs.
The National Space Society congratulates the crew, mission control, and the entire NASA team on a successful mission. Most importantly, we extend a warm welcome home to Barbara Morgan, the educator-astronaut who waited 22 years to fly to space from her initial selection by NASA.

NSS Executive Director George Whitesides remarked, "NASA and its astronauts made the right calls, in space and on the ground. Welcome back, Barbara!"

Morgan inspired schoolchildren across the country and the world with her orbital lessons, demonstrating the value of her commitment to education and space.

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