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July 11, 2006

NSS Spacecoast Florida Chapter Makes Big Impact at Launch

From Fred Becker, NSS Spacecoast Florida chapter:

Our table at the STS-121 launch was a good success. We set up our NSS table on scrub day one, July 1. We had Ad Astra magazines, STS-121 mission pins, a table and our chapter banner. We gave out 400-500 copies of Ad Astra and 500 pins to the launch viewing crowd at Space View Park in Titusville, due West of Pad 39B. We gave all this out in about two or three hours and had nothing left for launch day, July 4. There is a great opportunity for us to continue this outreach at future launches. Thank you to NSS for the Ad Astra's and to Jim Banke for the mission pins. Thanks also to Space Walk of Fame for letting us set up next to their booths at the park.

We'll have our next chapter meeting tomorrow (Wednesday, July 11), with a Shuttle mission in progress this time. It will be at Paddy Cassidy's in Cocoa Beach, 5:30. I hope to see you there. We will discuss chapter elections and plan for the future.


Posted by george_whitesides at July 11, 2006 06:44 PM



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