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July 11, 2006

New York Chapter Leader Meets with New York Congressman

Dear George & Chapter Leaders,

I was at the Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce's Congressional Luncheon with Congressman Anthony Weiner, who unveiled his "Middle Class Tax Relief Plan." The luncheon was arranged at the Brooklyn Marriott by the Chamber's Governmental Affairs Dept. [Editor: Rep. Weiner recently made news when we proposed cutting nearly $500 million dollars from NASA's exploration budget.]

After Rep. Weiner's talk and his post-luncheon conversations with Brooklyn's businesses leaders, as he was leaving I approached him. Remember, I've known him for over 16 years, back to the late 1980's when he was then Cong. Schumer's top aide and I would meet him during our legislative blitzes in D.C. and in NYC. Here's our conversation:

HAROLD: Hello, Congressman!

REP. WEINER: Hello, Harold!

(I then told him that his talk was excellent, and then I said that I knew about his amendment of June 26 to cut $477 million from NASA's $16.2 billion budget and how it was defeated by a 185-236 vote, and how the large space activist community was upset with his move.)

REP. WEINER: I support the space program. The NASA budget is actually going up. I'm looking for ways to help the COPS Program, and thought this would help.

I then mentioned that there might be other ways to gain funds for the COPS Program, which people naturally support, but not at the expense of NASA's Space Exploration program. --- At that very moment I handed him the current issue of AD ASTRA Magazine. he said "AD ASTRA" and looked at with interest, smiled warmly and thanked me.

REP. WEINER: It's was real nice seeing you again Harold. Take care!

I hope that Rep. Weiner reads "AD ASTRA" cover-to-cover! Let's make his statement: "I SUPPORT THE SPACE PROGRAM" mean it!!! His proposed huge cut, thankfully defeated, did not say that.



Harold Egeln
National Space Society-NY
Chapter President (NY Space Society)

Posted by george_whitesides at July 11, 2006 06:48 PM



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