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July 25, 2005

NASA Set for Discovery Launch Tuesday Morning

NASA announced this evening that the Space Shuttle Discovery is on track for a 10:39 AM (EDT) Tuesday launch. The announcement included the somewhat surprising decision to press forward with the launch even if the now-infamous "fuel gauge poltergeist" makes yet another cameo appearance. The initial AP (Associated Press) article is linked below, along with other featured media coverage for your perusal.

NASA to Launch Even if Problem Recurs >>>LINK<<<
[7/24/05, Associated Press, Marcia Dunn]
CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. (AP) - NASA said Sunday it will launch the first space shuttle flight in 2 1/2 years, even if the fuel gauge problem that halted the previous countdown two weeks ago resurfaces. Discovery is set to lift off Tuesday at 10:39 a.m., the same time Columbia took off on its doomed mission in 2003. (more)
High Tech in the '70's, Shuttles Feel Their Age >>>LINK<<< (free registration may be required)
[7/25/05, The New York Times, John Schwartz]
CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla., July 24 - Like an increasingly creaky baby boomer who can still run a marathon, the space shuttle is a delicate organism that can do miraculous things. But as the Discovery prepares to lift off Tuesday morning on the first shuttle mission since the loss of the Columbia two and a half years ago, it is clearly feeling its age. The launching is scheduled for 10:39 a.m. Tuesday, but the question of malfunctioning fuel level sensors is still hanging over the process. (more)
Discovery 'ready to go' for Tuesday launch; Forecasters: 40 percent chance of unfavorable weather>>>LINK<<<
[7/24/05,, CNN Staff]
KENNEDY SPACE CENTER, Florida (CNN) -- NASA said Sunday that the countdown for the first space shuttle launch since the Columbia disaster in 2003 is on track for Tuesday morning. Eleven days after mission controllers scrubbed a launch of the shuttle Discovery, NASA test director Jeff Spaulding said there are "no significant issues" that technicians know about that would stand in the way of the liftoff, set for 10:39 a.m. ET. (more)
Shuttle Countdown Begins Again>>>LINK<<<
[7/23/05,, Associated Press]
The countdown clocks began ticking again Saturday for NASA's NASA's return to space, as shuttle managers voiced optimism, but not certainty, that they had fixed the fuel gauge problem that thwarted the first launch attempt. "No doubt there is some degree of finger crossing," NASA test director Pete Nickolenko said before the start of the second countdown in two weeks. "But the other side of the coin is that we have really performed a very thorough troubleshooting analysis to a great degree, an excruciating degree of detail with all the shuttle program experts and the contractors that we can get." (more)

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