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NASA_FCU_AdJoin the thousands of National Space Society members who share the vision of a vigorous future of exploration and settlement of outer space!  NSS members include people from all walks of life with a passion for space, including authors, astronauts, scientists, entrepreneurs, engineers, teachers, and other space enthusiasts.  These include our illustrious NSS Governors and Directors.

Lunar Explorers, Mars in Sight by Mark MaxwellYou too can be a part of this dynamic community that fosters the exploration of new ideas and discoveries, actively promotes a continued and prudent investment in space research and development, and works to accelerate the day when we all have the opportunity to travel, work, play, and even live among the stars in thriving space communities!

Ad Astra magazineNSS membership includes a subscription to the Society's award-winning quarterly magazine Ad Astra, a subscription to our monthly electronic newsletter NSS Downlink, invitations and discounts to NSS-sponsored events, and much more.  Via your NSS membership, you can become personally engaged in the space movement individually as an NSS Space Ambassador and/or within a group via a local NSS chapter.  As a member of the "citizen's voice for space", your voice will be heard in the U.S. Congress, NASA, the White House, and around the world.

Via NSS-sponsored conferences, special events, and projects, you will also gain privileged access to the world's leading space scientists and engineers, space agency and other government leaders, space entrepreneurs, leading space activists, and fellow space enthusiasts ready to be your friend!

Membership starts as low as $20.  Join now and help secure your future in space.

NSS is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization.  The portion of Membership Dues above $12.50 can be considered a donation for U.S. tax purposes.

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