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NSS exists primarily on the memberships and contributions of space enthusiasts who, like you, care deeply about our future in space.  Thanks to member support, we have made significant strides in promoting space exploration, development, and settlement over our 35 year history.  What was once considered a fantasy is now in commercial business plans and accepted as government policy.

By being a member of NSS, you increase our visibility and credibility among the key decision-makers in government, the space industry, and the Space Movement.  NSS is largely a volunteer-run organization.  Your membership enables us to maintain a small paid headquarters staff based in Washington, D.C. -- within easy reach of Congress, the White House, and NASA HQ.

Your participation in NSS activities is what separates us from most other space organizations.  We don't want to just inform you -- we want to engage you, so that you are an active part of the Space Movement.  As an active member you can feel personal satisfaction and receive recognition for helping us to make progress towards our common Vision.

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