The National Space Society vision is people living and working in space

I want to personally thank the donors for your contributions (and patience) in helping us create this video. What you will see at the link is is a pre-release version, without all the final adjustments. We wanted you to see it first.

The video is intended to be used for a variety of audiences (primarily the 16-35 year-old "non-space-choir", legislators, civic groups, etc) and will be transmitted through multiple varied channels.

As you will see, it is edited into specific segments, which can be used either separately or in a united, continuous video, depending on the application and audience.

We sincerely hope you will continue to support our outreach activities, as we build on what we learn from this campaign. You are moving us, and all who see this product, in the right direction.

Bruce Pittman, Chief Operating Officer
National Space Society

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