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National Space Society Hails a New Age of Reusable Rockets

(Washington, DC -- April 3, 2017)  NSS calls on Congress, the Administration, and NASA to immediately begin a review of all current NASA and other spaceflight related programs to consider how the usage of commercially available launch vehicles and spacecraft that are largely reusable can lower costs and/or increase operational capability. Suggestions to guide this review can be found in the NSS position paper "Now Is the Time: A Paradigm Shift in Access to Space". See full press release.

ESA Director Wörner Wins National Space Society’s Prestigious von Braun Award

(Washington, DC -- February 15, 2017)  Prof. Johann-Dietrich Wörner, Director General of the European Space Agency (ESA), is the winner of the National Space Society’s 2017 prestigious Wernher von Braun Memorial Award.  This award recognizes Wörner as an effective leader of the European Space Agency and the contributions of ESA to the world space community.  Prof. Wörner will accept the award on Friday, May 26, 2017 at the National Space Society’s 2017 International Space Development Conference® (  See full press release.

Losing the Geomagnetic Shield: A Critical Issue for Space Settlement

Losing the Geomagnetic Shield: A Critical Issue for Space Settlement, a new paper by Philip K. Chapman, has just been published in the NSS Space Settlement Journal.

Abstract. The geomagnetic field seems to be collapsing.  This has happened many times in the deep past, but never since civilization began.  One implication is that the cost of space settlement will increase substantially if we do not expedite deployment of initial facilities in low Earth orbit.  Another implication, less certain but much more damaging, is that the collapse may lead to catastrophic global cooling before the end of this century.  We must establish self-sufficient communities off Earth before that happens.  Read full paper.

National Space Society’s Space Settlement Summit Draws Industry Leaders

(Washington, D.C., February 4, 2017) An enormously successful first annual Space Settlement Summit hosted by the National Space Society occurred on January 10-11, 2017, in Santa Monica, California.  Industry leaders, financial experts, scientists and engineers, and leading space activists were brought together to assess the state of the art driving space settlement.

See full press release.

NSS Award Announcements for the 2017 ISDC

Space Pioneer Award for Special Merit: George Dietrich

Space Pioneer Award for Historic Space Achievement: Thomas P. Stafford

Space Pioneer Award for Special Merit: “MAC’s Old Team”

Space Pioneer Award for Non-Legislative Government Service: William H. Gerstenmaier

Space Pioneer Award for Science and Engineering: The Kepler-K2 Team

Space Pioneer Award for Mass Media: Eric Berger

National Space Society Congratulates SpaceX on the Falcon 9’s Return to Flight

(Washington, DC -- January 19, 2017)  The National Space Society congratulates SpaceX on the return to flight of the Falcon 9 on January 14.  “NSS members are excited to see the F9 return to flight,” said Dale Skran, NSS Executive Vice President.  “SpaceX has been pushing the envelope to perfect the use of technologies like sub-cooled rocket fuel and first stage recovery.  Companies can only take risks on new technology with the support of customers like Iridium that have the courage to do new things in space.  NSS congratulates SpaceX, Iridium, and Thales Alenia Space on a job well done.” See full press release.

Celebrating the Life of National Space Society Governor and American Hero John Glenn

(Washington, DC -- December 8, 2016) The National Space Society celebrates the life and contributions of the visionary champion of space exploration, Honorable Senator John Glenn, who passed away today.  Senator Glenn served the National Space Society as a Governor for over two decades.  “John Glenn was an inspiration for the National Space Society and all those who believe humanity’s destiny lies in the stars,” said Mark Hopkins, Chairman of the Executive Committee of NSS.

Hugh Downs, NSS Board of Governors Chair, said, “It was an honor to work with John Glenn as a member of the NSS Board of Governors.  John had the courage of his convictions based on his knowledge of science.  He did not fall for the myths that surrounded the medical risks of human space travel at the time.  His understanding of the science was as important as his getting into the capsule and orbiting the Earth.  It is hard to imagine today how important that was for the the U.S. at the time.”

See full press release.

Enterprise In Space & Kepler Space Institute Sponsor Competition to Tackle Orbital Debris

(Washington, DC -- December 7, 2016)  Enterprise In Space, a non-profit program of the National Space Society, and the Kepler Space Institute have partnered with Global Aerospace Corporation to launch the “Orbital Debris Mitigation” competition.  In order to drive innovation forward in technology to remove the space debris orbiting Earth, EIS and its partners are offering university student teams a chance to propose experiments for space debris mitigation.  To learn more about the Orbital Debris Mitigation Competition or to enter, visit the contest page at and become a part of NewSpace future.  See full press release.

National Space Society Presidential Policy Workshop Leaders Urge Incoming Administration to Lead Lunar Base Construction

(Washington, DC -- November 30, 2016)  On Saturday, October 8th, the National Space Society (NSS) organized a workshop directed at recommending a space policy to the new Administration.  Eleven thought leaders from government, industry, and academia gathered in a fruitful collaboration to produce a set of five recommendations.  NSS has submitted the resulting white paper to the Transition Team.  See full press release.

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