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Gallery for NSS Banner Design Contest

The image sizes on this page simulate what the banner would look like from a distance.
Click on image for a closer look.

The four winning designs are:

First Place: Journey [2], by Badrul Rupak, USA

2nd Place: Aristarchus City, by Bill Wright, USA

2nd Place: The Time of The Dreams, by Javier Arizabalo, Spain

3rd Place: The Moon, Mars and Beyond [2], by Bill Wright, USA

Old design:

The following images were accepted as entries in the NSS Banner Redesign Contest.

Journey, by Badrul Rupak, USA

Endless Ventures, by Warren Turner, United Kingdom

Future Astronaut, by Sandeep Sagar, India

NSS: Your Journey Starts Here, by Raymond Cassel, USA

NSS Galactic Banner, by David Weathers, USA

To the Moon, Mars and beyond...AD ASTRA, by Bill Wright, USA

Two Giant Steps for Mankind, by Bill Wright, USA

The Moon, Mars and Beyond, by Bill Wright, USA

Expedition to Tau Ceti 3, by Bill Wright, USA

Nature's Greatest Miracle, by Jayashree Sridhar, India

Reaching For The Stars, by Richard Bizley, United Kingdom

Reaching For The Stars [2], by Richard Bizley, United Kingdom

Aldrin Mars Cycler, by Bill Wright, USA

Let's Build a Future Together, by Jim Plaxco, USA

Ideas Rule The World, by Jayashree Sridhar, India


A new "SPACE" race has begun, by Sandeep Sagar, India

Clouds, by Javier Arizabalo, Spain

NSS Vortex Banner, by David Weathers, USA

Fuel Of The Future, by Jayashree Sridhar, India

Imagination Of The Next Generation, by Jayashree Sridhar, India

Stars Bring Fortune, by Jayashree Sridhar, India

One Window in the Universe, by Javier Arizabalo, Spain

Robot, by Murphy Elliott, USA

Journey [3], by Badrul Rupak, USA

The Crying Robot, by Murphy Elliott, USA

The Moon, Mars and Beyond [3], by Bill Wright, USA

Separation, by Bill Wright, USA

New Horizons, by Raymond Cassel, USA


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