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Ad Astra 2003 #2

Ad Astra

The magazine of the
National Space Society

Volume 15, Number 2
March-April-May 2003

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ON THE COVER: Seven stars. Seven heroes. The crew of Space Shuttle Columbia, STS-107, will live in honored memory for their ultimate sacrifice.

Featured Articles:

Washington Update: The Columbia Investigation
By Brian Chase, Rep. Ralph Hall and Sen. Sam Brownback

Remembering KC
Author Laura S. Woodmansee shares her personal memories of Kalpana Chawla.
By Laura S. Woodmansee

America Speaks
Quotes from around the nation as individuals share their thoughts on Columbia.
By Tammy Ruggles, photographs by Joe Marino

Heroes All
The crew of STS-107 Space Shuttle Columbia
Compiled By Frank Sietzen, Jr.

A Space Shuttle Retrospective
The role of the shuttle in human spaceflight.
By Joan Johnson-Freese

Space shuttle Pedugree
Tracing the lineage of NASA’s orbiter.
By Frank Sietzen, Jr.

The Future of Space Transportation
The question comes to the fore in light of Columbia.
By Frank Sietzen, Jr.

Making the Pursuit of Space a Place for All
Minority grads and their participation in the space program.
By Jim Romeo


4 Launch Pad

6 Countdown

8 Mission Control

48 Lifting Off

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