Ad Astra
Volume 14, Number 2 March/April 2002

Lifting Off

Growing To Space!
By Christopher M. Pancratz, NSS Vice President of Public Affairs & Chairman, Executive Committee


This edition of Ad Astra marks a milestone for the National Space Society. More NSS members will read this issue than any previous issue. Why? Because today, there are more NSS members than there have been at any other time in the Society’s history.

This is important now, more than ever before. With all that is happening in the world, bringing space to the forefront is more of a challenge than ever. The cause that we believe in, the cause for space, requires that our Society speak in a loud, clear voice on behalf of a large body of people who cannot be ignored. NSS has the clear vision, the right mission, the Roadmap and the grass roots involvement to be that voice.

What NSS needs to leverage this leadership position are more and more members. Members are the key to advancing our movement. We must continue to increase our membership and to involve each member in daily support of the Society’s Mission.

Share the Vision with everyone you meet.
To be effective in our mission, we must educate and mobilize public opinion. An army of NSS members promoting change in social, technical, economic and political conditions can cause that change.

I ask you, along with every NSS member, to accept a personal mission of bringing the NSS message to your community — schools, youth groups, civic organizations, academic institutions, etc. Talk about the NSS Vision and your involvement with everyone you meet. If they show interest in return, invite them to join the Society.

Vote and communicate with your legislators.
Take personal legislative action by establishing a relationship with your federal legislators. Communicate with them regularly regarding space-related issues and meet with them in their district and capitol offices. To be most effective it is important that you be a registered voter and vote in every election.

If you invest, consider space-related companies.
If you are an investor, give extra consideration to investments in space-related businesses. Regardless of whether the company is a start-up or an established aerospace giant, your investment and those of others provide additional capital and confidence in the industry.

Ask others to join NSS.
If you and I and our fellow NSS members each bring one new person to the Society during 2002, the Society will double in size. When the Society grows in members, our ability to command attention and to promote change grows too. As change occurs, we will have the opportunity to become spacefarers. It is that simple, and all we need to do is ask!

We share the dream of moving humanity into space and there is strength in numbers. The faster we grow, the sooner we go!

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