What’s Happening In The NSS Roadmap Barrier Forums?

Important and interesting issues, vital to the NSS Mission and The NSS Roadmap to the Settlement of Space, are being discussed in the NSS Roadmap Forums at

• The new Public Interest Forum is registering charter participants. Be part of guiding this important group in identifying potential solutions to heighten public interest in our Vision through volunteer action.
• The Healthcare Issues Forum is reviewing Medical Guidelines for Passengers (to space) that are being proposed to the Federal Aviation Agency. If adopted, some of these guidelines could restrict personal access to space. NSS Member medical professionals are encouraged to sign on and add your expertise and/or opinion to a proposed NSS response.
• The Launch Vehicles Forum is discussing a number of technologies that could bring the needed breakthrough in cost and reliability. NSS Member rocket scientists and enthusiasts are invited to join the discussion and help determine which ideas have the most to benefit from NSS promotion.
• The Moon Treaty and other important issues are being discussed in the International Treaties Forum. Register and add your information and opinion on these important Barriers.

Sign on and help NSS define and find ways to remove these Barriers to settlement.

The NSS Roadmap to the Settlement of Space is a process by which the Society identifies Barriers to the Vision of Humans living and working in thriving communities in space. The NSS Roadmap Forums identify and monitor elements of the Strategic Barriers to Space Settlement and recommend NSS volunteer efforts that will contribute to the removal of those Barriers, and the sharing of The Vision. Every member is encouraged to participate in this process that keeps the Roadmap current and NSS moving forward.
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