Inside the NSS

Summer Interns Make A Lasting Contribution At NSS
This issue of Ad Astra was the product of our summer 2001 interns, Aimee Slaughter and Lauren LaRue. Aimee was our guest editor, and compiled all of the data on university space education, and worked to contact all of our NSS chapters to get the latest on their educational activities. Lauren, who was our 2001 summer policy intern, helped to review the results of our member survey, and also helped Aimee assemble our database of worldwide space museums. Visit our list on the NSS homepage (

Aimee is a returning sophomore at William and Mary College in Williamsburg, Virginia, where she majors in physics. Aimee said that her summer at NSS headquarters working on Ad Astra would give her experience in science journalism and magazine production.

Lauren is a returning sophomore at Washington and Lee University in Lexington, Virginia where she is concentrating on a double major in Chemistry and Political Science. Lauren was our observer and analyst during the round of summer Congressional hearings, and got to see space tourist Dennis Tito in action. Lauren also got to meet NSS board member and Shuttle astronaut Charlie Walker and Apollo 11 Moonwaker Buzz Aldrin.

NSS headquarters was fortunate to have such capable and personable interns during the summer of ’01. We wish them both well in their academic studies and future careers.

Ad Astra, Aimee and Lauren!!