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Ad Astra v13 n1

Ad Astra

The magazine of the
National Space Society

Volume 13, Number 1
January - February 2001

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ON THE COVER: The NSS Roadmap for the Settlement of Space is the result of a 2-year strategic planning effort involving the Society's Board of Directors and top leadership.

Featured Articles:

NSS Envisioned Milestones on the Roadmap to Human Settlement of Space
By the NSS Board of Directors

NSS Statement of Philosophy
As adopted by the NSS Board of Directors

Technological Barriers to Space Settlement
By Gordon R. Woodcock

Space Settlement Barriers and Milestones
By Chris Pancratz

Political Barriers to Human Settlement of Space
Government Obstacles to Commercialization
By Dana J. Johnson

Lack of Public Interest
By Charles D. Walker

Social Barriers: Healthcare Issues
By Linda Plush and Eleanor A. O'Rangers

Economic Barriers to Space Settlement
By Mark Hopkins

Lack of Sovereignty
By Glenn Reynolds

Bringing Space to a School
By Carol Luckhardt Redfield

Space, Nanotechnology, and Techno-Worries
By Glenn Reynolds


2 Chairman’s Message

4 Mission Control

9 Countdown

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