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National Space Society Executive Committee (Officers)

Mark Hopkins, Chairman

The NSS Executive Committee, composed of the elected Officers, acts for the Board of Directors between Board meetings on all authorized governance and operational matters of the Society.  NSS Officers, who are elected by the incoming Board of Directors, serve in a voluntary capacity for 2-year terms (see description of Officer responsibilities).  Each member of the Executive Committee is an ex officio (non-voting) member of the Board of Directors, if not already a voting member of the Board.  The Chairman of the Executive Committee is the Chief Executive Officer of NSS.
Mark Hopkins
Chairman of the Executive Committee
Hugh Downs
Chairman, Board of Governors
Kirby Ikin
Chairman, Board of Directors
Ken Money
Paul Werbos
Executive Vice President
Bruce Pittman
Senior Vice President
& Senior Operating Officer
Larry Ahearn
Vice President, Chapters
Karen Mermel
Vice President, Development
David Stuart
Vice President, Membership
Lynne Zielinski
Vice President, Public Affairs
Anita Gale
Joe Redfield
Stan Rosen
Vice Chairman of the Board
(ex officio)
Michael Snyder
Assistant Secretary

See also Board of Directors, Board of Governors, and Board of Advisors

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