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NSS leadership is provided by a member-elected Board of Directors that provides strategic direction for the Society.  The Board of Directors elects the Society's Officers who, along with the Executive Director, comprise the Executive Committee.  This Committee manages ongoing operations between Board of Directors meetings, and oversees a number of operating committees.

The Board of Governors is comprised of well-known space advocates from all walks of life, from movie stars to rocket scientists, including Hugh Downs, Buzz Aldrin, Tom Hanks, Norman Augustine, General Simon "Pete" Worden, and other notable figures.  The Board of Advisors is comprised of individuals who have made outstanding contributions to the Society and its goals over the years.  These Boards provide guidance and recommendations to the Directors.

The day-to-day operations of the society are managed by a Washington, DC-based Headquarters Staff led by the NSS Executive Director, with the assistance of volunteer operating committees, chapters, and other volunteers.

The Corporate Documents establish the Society's organizational structure and describe the roles, responsibilities, and operating procedures of the NSS leadership.

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