The National Space Society vision is people living and working in space

National Space Society Board of Governors

Hugh Downs, Chairman

The NSS Board of Governors provides recommendations and guidance to the Board of Directors with respect to the broad, overall policies, objectives, and goals of the Society.  The volunteer Board is composed of outstanding individuals in the fields of science, engineering, the arts, government, the press, business, law, medicine, and other professions and occupations, and individuals who have made outstanding contributions to the Society or its goals.
Mark Albrecht Buzz Aldrin Eric Anderson
Norman R. Augustine Lance Bass Howard Bloom
Ben Bova Bruce Boxleitner Dan Brandenstein
Tom Cruise George Dietrich K. Eric Drexler
Arthur M. Dula Freeman Dyson Don Fuqua
Newt Gingrich Jeff Greason Tom Hanks
Barbara Marx Hubbard Janet Ivey Mark Jannot
Karlton Johnson Edwin Jones Lon Levin
John S. Lewis James Lovell Kenneth Money
Nichelle Nichols Geoff Notkin Scott Pace
Glenn Reynolds Harrison Schmitt Michael Simpson
Anthony Tether Maria von Braun Gordon Woodcock
Simon “Pete” Worden    

Some Past Members of the NSS Board of Governors

Isaac Asimov Frank Borman George E. Brown, Jr.
Sir Arthur C. Clarke Jacques Cousteau Michael DeBakey
John Denver Edward R. Finch Peter Glaser
John Glenn Barry Goldwater Bob Hope
Robert Jastrow John H. Johnson Arthur Kantrowitz
Robert McCall Marvin Minsky Frank Moss
Hermann Oberth Jack Olson Frederick I. Ordway III
Melvin M. Payne Majel Barrett Roddenberry Neil P. Ruzic
Frederick Seitz Alan B. Shepard Donald K. Slayton
Louis Szathmary James A. Van Allen Glen P. Wilson


See also Board of Directors, Executive Committee, and Board of Advisors

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