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Jay Wittner

National Space Society Board of Directors

Jay WittnerJay Wittner has been a member of the National Space Society and other space advocacy groups since 1986.  After joining the NSS Board of Directors in 2000, he has served NSS in several capacities: Vice President of Membership, and member of the Executive Committee and Buzz Aldrin Council.  Since attending his first ISDC in 1989, he has participated in over a dozen of the Society‚Äôs annual conferences.

He serves as Executive Director of the Space Literacy Foundation (SLF). The SLF is a non-profit organization that works to educate the public about the benefits of space exploration and development. The SLF works with planetariums, science museums, space advocacy groups, and other groups focused on space related activities. The SLF provides these groups with space education content and equips them with cutting edge video communications tools they can use to educate the public about space. The SLF also provides advice and assistance regarding best practices for member communications and development activities.

Prior to the formation of the SLF, Mr. Wittner provided marketing and financial consulting services through Wittner Consulting and A.G. Edwards. From 1990 through 2001 he served as Vice President of Jess Jewelers in Bradenton, Florida. His responsibilities included preparing budgets, creating financial models, developing financial statements, and analyzing multi-year business plans.

A native of Tampa Florida, Wittner earned his bachelors of Business Administration from Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia. Mr. Wittner is an avid reader of science fiction and credits his early interest in space development to the Apollo Program, Robert Heinlein, Gerard O'Neill, Gene Roddenberry, and Harvey Wittner.

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