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Amara Angelica

Amara Angelica is a former member of the NSS Board of Directors. She is editor of internationally renowned techno-futurist Ray Kurzweil's web site ( and newsletter, Accelerating Intelligence. She has a background in aerospace engineering, having held positions at Grumman Aerospace as human factors engineer on the Lunar Module and in mission and operations analysis for electronic warfare and electronic intelligence systems.

Amara has an extensive background as a technology and science journalist, writing for InfoWorld, TechWeek, Computerworld, Broadcast Management/Engineering, The Futurist, CoEvolution Quarterly, and other publications. She also has a background in public relations and advertising, especially in writing technology/science white papers. She is the author of “Communicating with the Universe,” in the book, Year Million: Science at the Far Edge of Knowledge (2008). She also has experience as a book editor (Ray Kurzweil's two recent books), inventor, radio producer/engineer/host, video scriptwriter/producer, electronic synthesizer musician/composer, webmaster, and web programmer.
Amara has been a strong supporter of space settlements since the early 70s, working with NSS Board of Governors member Barbara Marx Hubbard, NSS Board of Directors member Stan Rosen, and other space futurists, and with the World Future Society. She is also a member of the Space Development Steering Committee, working closely with noted author and NSS Board of Governors member Howard Bloom, NSS Senior VP Mark Hopkins, and other leaders in strategy and promotion.

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