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NSS Volunteer Help Wanted

The National Space Society has the following unpaid positions available.
If you are interested and have the necessary skills please reply.

Please send requested information to .

Volunteers Needed for NSS Projects

Do you long to give-back, to become involved in efforts that will actually contribute to mankind’s expansion into space?

NSS has a continuing need for volunteer expertise to support our expanding portfolio of projects. We can use just about anybody who wants to help, from artists and movie-makers to scientists and engineers; from students to Ph.Ds.

Our current projects involve education, public outreach, and technical projects that will demonstrate new technologies and concepts by sending spacecraft into lunar orbit and to deep space. See our Projects webpage for more.

If you want to roll up your sleeves and support the development of space, we invite you to join our Project Volunteer Cadre. Contact our Projects Committee Chairman at for more information.


The National Space Society has an opportunity available in our Public Affairs committee for an Advertising and Promotions Manager.


The Manager oversees advertising, promotions, and social media initiatives aimed at raising the Society's profile, increasing revenue, generating involvement, and effectively communicating the Society's vision to be the world’s premiere space activist organization.

Experience necessary.



NSS is looking for an energetic, motivated, and team-oriented individual(s) to assist in developing an NSS app for mobile devices. The individual should possess Android 4.0 and/or Apple iOS 6.0 and higher operating plus covering some older systems.

System programming experience needed. As an Android app developer, the individual should be familiar with API libraries and developer tools necessary to build, test, and debug. As an Apple iOS app developer, the individual should be familiar with iOS SDK and Xcode.  Javascript is a plus.




Successful fundraiser who has solid experience.   Well-spoken, well-dressed individual who can make contact with CEOs and other officers of large corporations is necessary.  Must work with little direction.




Send out press releases and other items as required to local newspapers, TV, radio, etc. Must create your own list which contains only local and not national media. Press releases will be supplied. Several positions open.

Please send any information that shows you have some sort of media relationship. Possible release tracking would be a plus. Must have a computer and internet capabilities. The number of hours depends on keeping your media contacts up-to-date and how many items we need sent. Making friends with the media helps us a lot with our mission. You will not be a spokesperson for the Society.




Individuals needed to serve as "point-of-contact" on NSS social media presences, including (but not limited to) NSS pages on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+. POCs will post updates provided by the Public Affairs Committee, independently seek out and post other NSS and space-related news, and respond to feedback from users/followers as appropriate.

Previous experience with running Facebook Pages, organizational Twitter accounts, or equivalent functions for other social networking sites (either in the space industry or elsewhere) is highly desired. 
Please send your relevant qualifications and name the site(s) for which you would be interested in contributing.

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